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Your Long-term Mitigation Partner

We offer unmatched experience and practical solutions for all your mitigation banking needs. We are experts in mitigation planning and monitoring, along with establishing and restoring wetland ecosystems.

Your mitigation needs and our approach are squarely focused on your bottom line. We understand cost efficiencies and strive to improve the financial viability of your mitigation project. We utilize our experience and our excellent reputation with state and federal regulators to provide dependable and practical credit delivery. Mitigation Resources of North America is a wholly owned subsidiary of the more than 100-year-old North American Coal Corporation.


  • Prudent mitigation banking solutions tailored to your project
  • Restoration and enhancement of the Waters of the U.S. throughout the country
  • Delineation and functional assessment of the Waters of the U.S.
  • Surface hydrology, stream design, engineering and vegetation management
  • A long history of successful wetland restoration
  • Support services in land acquisition, contract management, negotiation and legal strategies
  • Boots-on-the-ground experience and solutions for all your mitigation needs


By the Numbers


number of trees planted


acres of wetlands restored


linear feet of streams reestablished

Mitigation Banking
We understand that you need mitigation solutions that fit your project and timeline. We provide those solutions. We are your long-term partner for achieving all your mitigation needs. Eric Anderson President, Mitigation Resources of North America

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