Who We Are

Your Long-Term Mining Partner

We are miners who love what we do.

We’re coal miners—pure and simple. But what began in 1913 as a modest coal sales brokerage firm in Cleveland, Ohio, has grown to so much more. Today, we have over a century of experience providing the fuel our customers need to bring power to communities across the country. We’re proud of this legacy and come to work every day with the same principles we were founded on: serve others, innovate, always do what’s right, and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

What We Do

We operate coal mines for customers under a unique service-based business model. Our goals are perfectly aligned with our customers. Our mines are always adjacent, or close to, our customers, reducing costs and linking us together as partners.

Aerial View of Heavy Equipment at Mining Site
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Partnerships Built to Last

Our Team

Empowered to Deliver Success

We’re fortunate to have some of the most talented and experienced professionals in the coal mining industry on our team. We trust and empower our people to always do the right thing, look out for one another, and draw on their collective expertise to provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for every customer.

NA Coal Member Smiling in a Hard Hat & Safety Glasses
NA Coal Member Operating Heavy Equipment Vehicle
NA Coal Member Wearing Hard Hat, Safety Glasses and Neon Vest

100+ Years of Safe and Effective Operations

Timeline From 1920 To 2021

The principles our company was founded on over 100 years ago are the same ones that lead us today: serve others, develop solutions, always do what’s right, and treat everyone with dignity and respect. We’re constantly searching for ways to improve our services by embracing technology and seizing opportunities in new markets, but we never lose sight of why we’re here. Our past defines who we are today and encourages us to strive for more.

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Safety Above All Else

Prioritizing safety isn’t just an obligation—it’s always the right thing to do. That’s why we empower our employees to make smart decisions that ensure we operate safely. We approach each day’s work with the goal of sending everyone home safe.

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